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"Put yourself at the top of your to-do list every single day and the rest will fall into place." ~Unknown 

Self-Care is any activity that one does intentionally and purposefully to nurture their mind, body, and soul.


Exploring the Wonders of Self-Care will: 

  • Encourage reflection on your current self-care strategies

  • Empower you to create goals and action steps for your daily self-care intentions

Make a commitment to yourself! 

Self-care series will cover these topics: 

  • Self-care strengths and opportunities 

  • Time Management

  • Gratitude and Affirmations

  • Cycle of Change 

  • Self-Care Balance Wheel


"Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning." ~Thomas Edison

A Professional Development Plan (PDP) is a formal plan by which an individual sets goals, strategies and action steps for professional development outcomes. 


Exploring the Wonders of a Professional Development Plan will: 

  • Inspire reflection on your current professional journey

  • Support strength-based self-assessment of your professional career

  • Bolster confidence for creating a PDP


One size fits one! 


Professional Development Series includes: 

  • Affirmations 

  • Cycle of Change 

  • Core Values 

  • Competency Models

  • Vision Statement

  • Professional Identity & Orientation


Exploring the Wonders

of Family Partnerships

"When relationship is highlighted and articulated as the true issue for children, parents, and caregivers, the understanding of what childcare is shifts. It is only when relationships are recognized as the major issue that changes in the quality of care can happen." ~Jeree Pawl, PH.D

In part, my motivation for establishing Exploring the Wonder Years, LLC is to be a families' resource by providing information regarding their child's development, as well as being an advocate for family success


Exploring the Wonders of Family Partnership will: 

  • Build on Family Support Staff's skills and knowledge, while scaffolding their learning of new skills to prepare them for implementing a family engagement curriculum in their programs* 

  • Foster a strength-based approach to adult education


Family Partnerships Series offers guidance on these topics: 

  • Core Values

  • Fostering Trusting Relationships

  • Understanding Child Development (0-8)

  • Attachment and Brain Development

  • Building Resiliency and Self-Care Strategies

  • Positive Discipline

  • Effects of Trauma on Young Children

  • Cultural influence on Child Development

  • Gender Identity and Expression in Early Childhood


*Note: This series can be customized as a direct service to families with children birth to eight years old.


Exploring the Wonders

of Self-Awareness

"Continue to become a better version of you!" ~Noelia Rosado, LCSW

Self-Awareness is gaining knowledge of one's desires, thoughts, emotions, and actions. 


Exploring the Wonders of Self-Awareness will: 

  • Establish a strength-based focus, which will set the foundation for the goal-setting process

  • Aid with gaining perspective of mindset


Self-Awareness series includes: 

  • Identity influences

  • Understand one's multiple and emotional intelligences

  • Appreciation of personality traits

  • Insight to one's emotions and motivations

  • Comprehension of communication style

  • Coping with stress


Exploring the Wonders

of Reflective Supervision

"To exercise leadership in this climate of change will require deep convictions, strong commitments, and clear ideas about directions for changes." ~Robert J. Starratt

Reflective Supervision is a collaborative process between an educator (or other service provider) and their supervisor. This approach to reflective practice allows the supervisee to create goals and action steps.


Exploring the Wonders of Reflective Supervision will: 

  • Examine interpersonal techniques to supervision

  • Utilize various observation methods and tools

  • Apply knowledge of supervision cycle processes 


Reflective Supervision series includes: 

  • Strategies for building trusting relationships

  • Identify professional core values

  • Tips for providing effective feedback

  • Develop a paradigm for open-ended questioning as a means for reflective practice

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